Belinda Hart
Textile Artist
The vineyard series
The Vineyard Series depicts the colors and textures of the seasonal vines in the Santa Ynez Valley.  The first of the series was launched in the fall at "crush" time, and reflects the purples and golds of the grapes and leaves. The latter pieces are reminiscent of the vines in winter, after they have borne fruit and have been cut back to await spring.

La Vendenge ("The Grape Harvest") 41" X 42"

Les Vignobles ("Vineyards") 38" X 40" 

Les Raisins ("Grapes") 20" X 42"
Le Saison du Vin ("Wine Season") Detail

Les Vignes ("Vines") 32" X 34"

Les Vignes du l'Hiver II ("Winter Vines #2") 24" X 24"

Les Vignes du l'Hiver ("Winter Vines") Triptych 12" X 36"

Tres Vignes ("Three Vines") 18" X 24"


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