Belinda Hart
Textile Artist

Celebration Series

The Celebration Series began with Sunlight on Water. The subject title was not the original intention of the artist. But the cloth, after emerging from the dye bath, spoke of water -- moreover, the way sunlight plays on water.  It was at that point that the artistic process took a different path, and Sunlight on Water was the result.   The fabrics are hand-dyed and pieced.  The images of seaweed and corals are screened and painted, and the entire piece is free-motion stitched. 

Sunlight on Water  27" X 22"
Santa Ana Winds is the largest piece in the series.  The hot Santa Ana Winds swirg in fiercely off the desert toward the ocean, carrying with them the desert dust, leaves and debris.  The haze from the dust clouds the sun with a rosy-gray veil, and wildfire hazard in California is high.  Kona cottons, shibori dyed, pieced and appliqued, screen printed and painted, free-motion quilted.  34" X 43"

Calzada Sunset is a depiction of the red and gold sunsets silhouetting the live oak trees on Calzada Avenue in Santa Ynez, CA.  This tree is a landmark viewed by passers-by every day.  The fabrics are Shibori-dyed Kona cottons, pieced and appliqued.  The piece is screened, stencilled and free-motion quilted.  28" X 37"

Ruins is a smaller piece, measuring 18" X 18".  It is constructed from hand-dyed fabrics, commercial fabrics and photos from Italy and France printed on fabric.  It is fused and appliqued. The surface is distressed with fabric paints and the piece is free-motion quilted.. 

Ruins #2 follows the same theme as Ruins, but is 24" by 24" and is in a different color way.

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