Belinda Hart
Textile Artist
Belinda's foray into 12X12s began with the annual benefit auction for Studio Art Quilt Associates, which specifies that size. 12X12s are sought by many fiber art collectors for their uniformity of size and affordability. Series in smaller dimensions offer a multitude of display options.

Polonaises (from the "Music" series)

Bass Notes (from the "Music" series)

 Dream in E Minor (from the "Music" series)

Falling Leaves (The Hendricks Collection)

Agapanthus in Winter (Wil Opio Oguta Collection, Netherlands)

Two Umbrellas II (Patriica Fuentes Collection, Chatel-St.-Denis, Switzerland)

Shimmering Forest (L.M. Fuog Collection)

Magic Forest (L.M. Fuog Collection)

Paris Mementos (Private Collection, Ventura CA)

Trees Like Praying Hands

Text Messaging
Visions Art Museum, San Diego
Agapanthus in Winter
Collection of Wil Opio Oguta


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